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	We are a group of somali student who are studing in kuwait university
ditributed in several colleges , some of us are scholarship students
and most are not .

	Most of us entered to the university via the embassy of somalia in 
Kuwait and especially after the  ambassador abdul qadir amin shiekh abu
baker decided to give the opportunity  for the students who are graduated
form Kuwait secondary schools to continue their studies in the university
of Kuwait , and since 1992 when the first group of students has joined 
the university until now every year 5 students are selected to join the 
university according their grades they had in the high school.

	As our number started increasing until we reached right now about 35 
male /female students here in Kuwait university and about 10 employees 
, master students and teachers , we decided to establish our own association 
in Kuwait  . In  12 / 5 / 96  we held our first meeting to announce our
association officially .